Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kelly's Birthday

This is my 1st cake for my best friend, Kelly. She is a girl from El Savador. Sweet, always smile and warm heart. We use this cake when we celebrate with our brothers and sisters at church.
I am not sure what happened with my chocolate writting...???? so ugly! Sorry Kelly!
She loves roses but dont like to grow them! She just like to enjoy them and get them from someone else .... :p ... oh well, thats our Kelly!
This is her second cake. She used this cake to celebrate at her work place.(North Shore Hospital) This time, I got the writting right. Oh by the way, Both cake are sponge cake, fill with peach and white choc mouse. The outside, I decorate with Non diary fresh cream and the flowers, I just use the sugar paste.
I love this cake. For the taste and the look too! Kelly love it too. (Thanks Kel)!!
Feliz Compleanos.....(hope the spelling right)

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