Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sesame street Cup Cake for Dylan

This cupcake is for Dylan 2nd Birthday. His mum, Sarb asking for something cute cupcake for a boy. Which mean don't want any pink color and no flower please she said. I saw Shinta from Olanos' design of the sesame cupcakes which I think are very cute and very suitable for boys like his age. At the end, Dylan had a great party!! That's what Sarb told me.

Cheese cake wirh fondant decoration

This cake was ordered by my friend, Olga for her husband who loves books and computer.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A mum,Grand nan,Great grandma and Auntie 90th Birthday

That's how people call her. She must be a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. I never met her but her daughter in law order this cake for her. The way she talk, show how much she love her mother in law. I made this flower arrangement specially for both of them.

My son 21st birthday

It had been fun doing my son 21st birthday cake. For he loves cartoon characters,especially Mickey Mouse. So, I just decided to make this cake for him and he was delighted. For his work's mates, I mad huge chocolate cake with a model in uniform and a car.(He is a car sales).

3 Best friend-Same month Birthday

May, Irene and Jean are best friends. Uniquely, They are born in the same month. This time, they celebrated their birthday together. Sweet.

The cake was, Japanese style Cheese cake with lemon. Cover with fresh cream and decorated with sugar paste flower.