Friday, June 5, 2009

My 1st wedding cake

Hi all, Sorry for my late late posting! Sometimes, I just dont have enough time to do all this. Not because I was busy with my baking or decorating. Actually is my part time work(that sometimes become full time) and classes that I have to attend to improve my skill of cake decorating. I've been really really drawn with this cake decorating. So many different methods and so many beautiful things that you be able to make. You need a lot of patience and time to consume. This wedding cake, was 1st wedding cake I made. It was made for Fanny and Pico. The colour that I used here is orange, gold and ivory for the icing.
I have to thank Louise from Cake Journal who teached at her blog How to make a cake stand. It was great Idea and had made the cake a very special looks!