Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Things

I know that I have to post this before or on Easter Day. The thing was that I just didn't find a time to do so. Anyway, I made this cupcakes and cookies for my Sunday school kids and also for display at the shop where I work.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

One of my friend's daughter is turning 16 and I was asked to make a surprise cake for her. Turning 16 was ages ago for me(he-he.. :) ....)but what I remember was, that I want to look mature ...ach! But now, I want to look young again!! Anyway, I just decided to make something that is elegant but simple! and still look "WOW" (hopefully)
I am quite happy with this decoration because some of you might think is buttercream icing. Actually its Non dairy cream that I have found! It taste not bad at all (well thats what my friends told me) even its a bit sweet for me and also, the cream was firm and hold the shape beautifully. Then, I added up with fondant numbers and girls sitting on the rock.
And this is the birthday girl... Happy Birthday "Beatrice"