Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

One of my friend's daughter is turning 16 and I was asked to make a surprise cake for her. Turning 16 was ages ago for me(he-he.. :) ....)but what I remember was, that I want to look mature ...ach! But now, I want to look young again!! Anyway, I just decided to make something that is elegant but simple! and still look "WOW" (hopefully)
I am quite happy with this decoration because some of you might think is buttercream icing. Actually its Non dairy cream that I have found! It taste not bad at all (well thats what my friends told me) even its a bit sweet for me and also, the cream was firm and hold the shape beautifully. Then, I added up with fondant numbers and girls sitting on the rock.
And this is the birthday girl... Happy Birthday "Beatrice"


  1. Hallo Santi,
    terimakasih sdh mampir ke blog saya. Ternyata kamu spesialis membuat cake dan co. Hasilnya bagus². Happy belated B'day utk putri tercinta yah. And boleh kan klo saya link blog kamu ?

  2. Aduuuh...Ida, senang sekali saya!Welcome to my blog! Saya masih tahap blajar mbak! Ini bukan putri saya, tapi putri teman saya, dari Manila!Cantik ya!:)