Friday, February 12, 2010

Thomas The Tank Engine with Winnie the Pooh

I've been really enjoying making the cake for children....! This time is for Christian(3) and Luke(1). Christian loves everything Thomas the tank. Luke who just turn 1 last week loves whinie the Pooh. Kinda hard to decide what sort of design for the boys. But I do remember that every kids love balloon and bright colour!!
I think, I haven't done that well with thomas face.... :)(hik..) looks very serious....

So at the end, the cake has balloon, stars, thomas and friends , and ofcourse- Winnie the pooh and frends too........ :D (love it)


  1. ie Aphing! I think the Thomas Face is great...this cake is awesome as usual. do you know that it's very hard to find these kind of cakes in the US? You have to find a specialty cake/bakery and pay a LOT of money for this kind of cake. if u move here, u can charge a lot, and i can eat be your taster ^__^

  2. Hmmm..I want to! I want to make cake for Ava and also Andrew!!every time I make kids cake, I always think of them!!