Saturday, October 10, 2009

100 years Celebration of life

This is Alice Smith, the oldest member of our church congregation of Glenfield Baptist Church. She turned 100 years old on 25th September 2009. She might be old but her spirit for loving and caring others are amazing. Her memories are incrediblle. She just will remember all your family members name and things that happened in your life. Not for gossiping but to be prayed and asking God's Blessing for us. She had all the list of people that she will pray for everyday.
What a wonderful servant of God.
She always said to others that I am one of her daughter. And I have the honour to make her birthday cake. She loves flowers with bright colour. I made this Red pink bright roses made from buttercream with the white sponge cake filled with a lot of fresh strawberries and cream inside. She loves the cake very much and said like the older day's cake.
Simple decoration like how she wants, it just like her how she always passes the day without complains and live simple.
Look at her.... isn't she beautiful?
This is her second cake. We celebrate her birthday Sunday at Church. Again, I have the honour to do her cake.
I use more deeper red colour for the roses. I made this cake with white sponge cake too as she doesn't like chocolate or banana cake....:)
Pastor Collin gave her blessing prayer and also asked her, "what is the secret of your long life?" and she just smile and simple said,"Just be good, I guess" ... :)
On the table, you can see the card with Queen Elizabeth photo which is really from the queen of England that send this card for her. It is a tradition in New Zealand that people start with 100 years old and up will be send the birthday card from the Queen. Other cards also from the Prime Minister of New Zealand and MP from the local government.

On left, is my sister in Christ, Kelly Palacios from El Savador.

The bottom picture is Alison and Pat,
The daughters of Alice.

Love you much

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  1. You did well with all the cakes you've made and decorated. You're amazing and very kind indeed to make beautiful cakes for Alice. I like the fresh cream strawberry cake with the beautiful piped roses. The roses gets better each time. :)
    Jenny :D